Angel Sword

Angel Sword 2.1

Find the sword to save the village


  • Lots to explore
  • Varied mini missions
  • Easy to control


  • Clichéd storyline
  • Basic graphics and sound


You all know the story: two wizard pals live in peace together for years, then all of a sudden one gets on a bit of a power-trip and decides to up sticks and unleash a load of demons all over the village. This leaves the good wizard only one option - you.

Of course, it's not really you, but rather a winged angel with your name. And no, you don't have to worry about having to ditch your day job and go off slaying the beasts of hell. That's because Angel Sword is just a RPG adventure game for your mobile phone. It's still a tough challenge though, as you need to negotiate lots of levels of bad guys, puzzles and obstacles in your effort to find the mysterious Angel Sword that will put paid to the bad wizard once and for all.

Along the way you get asked by other villagers and passers-by to do stuff for them too, like finding remedies for fever, or picking flowers for them. These mini missions make Angel Sword feel like of a kind-of Grand Theft Auto for wimps and babies.

Graphically, Angel Sword is a long, long way from GTA though, and is more like Zelda in this respect. The colors are nice and bright but the sprites are very blocky and the animation is quite primitive. While there are plenty of differently-themed environments to explore, much of the scenary and buildings within these are static so, for instance, every house that you go into in the village will have all of its furniture in exactly the same place as the others.

I guess I've been kinda spoiled by graphically rich PC and console RPGs of late, so I'm willing to look past Angel Sword's visuals. And I'm pretty pleased with what I see overall. Sure, the dialog is very wooden and the whole plot is massively clichéd, but as a way of passing time on the bus every morning, this game will have you enthralled for weeks such is its sheer scale and the number of tasks and missions that you need to complete in it.

A pretty decent attempt at a mobile RPG.

Once upon a time, in a land of magic, two wizards ruled in peace. The legend says that the Red Wizard unlocked the power of the Sword of Angels, a blade forged by the gods using good and evil magic. Over time, the power of the sword filled the Red Wizard with darkness. In order to stop the Red Wizard, a guardian angel was summoned using the power of light.

Now you must guide this hero on the path to recover the Sword of Angels and restore peace through out the land. Prepare to battle demons, solve mysteries, and travel across two major lands in search of the legendary Angel Sword.

Angel Sword


Angel Sword 2.1

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